About A Sitch in Time - Future

Hope you are ready to travel in time and join Kim Possible on the most exciting adventure ever! If you are, then get ready to play A Sitch in Time – Future! In this game you need to help Kim Possible navigate her ship called the Kim-inator to help her save the world from Shego, her villain counterpart. Shego is a villain dedicated to her work of stopping Kim from getting the Tempus Simia Idol. Shego may come across as lazy, because she likes to spend her free time in her lair reading villain magazines, filing her clawed gloves or even visiting spa resorts, but don`t let that fool you! Along the way, her security drones will try and stop you, so you will have to useyour ship`s powerful guns to destroy them, before they shoot you, and damage your ship! You will need to pay attention to guns that appear out of nowhere and start shooting their laser beams at you, so it is very important to avoid them in order not to get your ship shot down, because if your energy runs out, you will need to start over. Flying your ship and firing the guns sure sounds fun, but you need to pay attention to the timer at the top, and also you need to be careful not to hit the hanging obstacles or the ground, because that will destroy your ship. Sounds very exciting, right? Use your ARROW keys to navigate your ship up and down, or to make it go faster or slower in order to avoid the harmful laser beams. When Shego`s drones appear, quickly hit your SPACE key to fire your guns and destroy them. When you reach your destination, Kim will exit the ship, and you continue on foot. In Shego`s cave you need to avoid more security drones, as well as waterfalls that will bring down your energy. Along the way, you`ll come across various wheels that control platforms up and down, and help Kim overcome her obstacles. As always, collect Cuddle Buddies for extra points, and Kimmunicators for extra lives to successfully fight Shego`s evil helpers.Do you think you have the skills necessary to help our hero fight her enemies? Join Kim Possible on this amazing adventure and have the most amazing time flying her ship to Shego`s lair.

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