Battle Of The Worms

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About Battle Of The Worms Game

Every day is a new adventure for the Power Rangers, and today they have to face a hard mission. In Battle of the Worms game, they need to save an entire village from the attack of the bad worms who are threatening the citizens. You have an essential role to play in this mission, and you should get ready for being a hero. To eliminate all the worms, you need to use the Space Bar key from your keyboard. It will make you ballast the worms, and you will clean the path in this way. More than that use the left and right arrow key to move quickly and to turn from one side to another and decide which way to go. Pressing the up and down arrow keys will help you get low or up and avoid the obstacles. On your way, you will find some invincibility amulets. If you fly over them, you will become for a short time worm-proof. Besides, you can find health shields. They will refill your health meter. When all your health is gone, the game ends, and you will be able to see your final score, how many worms you have destroyed, but also how many villagers you have saved during the game. Do your best to save the villagers from the attacking worms by riding your fierce dragon. If you finish this mission successfully, you will be a hero to everyone, and the Power Rangers will be forever thankful to you for helping them with such hard tasks. Good luck!

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