Disney Famous Characters

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Dave the Barbarian Fun Facts

Dave the Barbarian

Introducing Dave the coward Barbarian If someone were to search for animated series with humor fine enough to grab even adult’s attention, one would stumble upon Dave the Barbarian. Dave’s colorful character is sure to be sympathetic. But how would you describe a barbarian? Bearded, barely clothed, armed with a prehistoric blunt weapon and wreaking …

Doc McStuffins – The Toy Doctor

Doc McStuffins

Meet Dottie – a six-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a world-renowned doctor. As many other doctors, Dottie started from small. She started with fixing toys around her house. There weren’t a lot of patients at the beginning, but once Dottie treats more and more toys, her clinic grows popular. At this point, thanks to …

Disney Princes

Disney Princes

Disney Princesses are so popular in modern culture, that princes who protect and take good care of them, are usually left behind the curtain. Nevertheless, both kids and adults would definitely find something to learn from these brave and sometimes a little bit boastful princes we brought you in this article. Prince Phillip (from Sleeping …