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Today the Pink Power Ranger has a critical mission to find Grumm. To do this, the Ranger needs the help of R.I.C., the robotic dog who is going to guide the Pink Ranger through the highway. The road is full of dangerous things that will appear in your way, but with courage and patience, you will be able to get through the Extreme Upgrade game. The game has four different levels. To play the game, you need to use your arrow keys to steer and to control the speed. More than that, if you press the Space Bar, you will make R.I.C. jump. When you want to use your superpowers, you can press the A key from your keyboard to fire the tail blaster, the S key to fire the canine cannon or the D key to shoot your eye laser. Whenever you use the S key, keep an eye on the recharge meter because you will not be able to use it again unless it is full. The tail blaster will be very helpful when you need to zap the aircraft enemy. You can make R.I.C. jump to chomp hovers bones before they explode. If you collect the SPD badges, you will earn bonus points, and the health will reduce the damage. Dodge the cars on your way or just jump over them. You will lose points if you zap cars. You need to jump over the spike balls that appear on your way. Follow these steps, and you will find Grumm in no time. Good luck!

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