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About Hula Hustle Game

When you live in Hawaii, there are a few things that as a local, you need to know and of course, do. One of those things is the Hula Dance, and now that Stitch lives there, he has to learn the steps. Lilo can teach him how to do it so he can become a better citizen, but it is a little bit hard at the beginning. In this Hula Hustle game, you need to follow every step to help Stitch learn how to dance. To learn how to dance, use the arrow keys when it is necessary. To become a good dancer press the arrow keys only when the good items appear. Collecting all the flowers in the right way will make Stitch remember a hidden memory. This thing will happen if you succeed to fill the goodness meter before the time runs out. You can even perform combos to multiply your score but be very careful. Doctor Hamsteviel does not want Stitch to be good, so he draws some wrong items on the music score to remind Stitch of his bad habits. Do not worry if you see them coming to you. All you have to do is ignore these bag items, and everything will be just fine. With patience and courage, you can learn anything you want, and Lilo knows in her heart that Stitch can be right, this being the reason why she does not give up. You should not give up too and have faith that everything will be all right.

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