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The robots are invading the city! Let the Hulk destroy all the bad robots in Central Smashdown Game and defeat all the evil forces. To smash them down he needs to jump near or over them. Due to his enormous weight and strength, he will be able to destroy anything that is near the collision place. To jump click and hold wherever on your screen to raise the power with which you are going to jump and when you are ready, release it. Try to get near to as many robots as you can because in this way you will create much more damage around you than just jumping at random. Maximize the havoc around you and move the mouse to move Hulk around and jump hard when you are surrounded by enemies. Avoid getting struck by lasers shots from the robots because they will affect your health, and when all the health is gone, Banner will take Hulk`s place and trust me you do not want that to happen in the middle of a life and death battle with evil machines of mass destruction around you. Right? There are also some power-ups you might want to collect namely the Invincible and the Rage. The first one creates a power circle around our hero that makes him destroy any living or at least moving thing that crosses the outer edge of it. The second one is even better it enrages him so bad that he starts to destroy virtually everything he goes through, so the robots do not stand a chance. Ready for some smashing?

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