About Hulk - Central Smashdown

Smash as many robots as you can, but don`t let them touch you. Hulk can only crush enemies when he jumps and lands on them. Hold down the mouse button to charge jump and then release mouse button to jump. Only the mouse is needed to move Hulk. Hulk`s power circle will grow as you hold the mouse button down. If an enemy touches Hulk`s power circle while he is powering up, it will damage him. The bigger the jump, the bigger the smash Hulk makes when he lands. Don`t forget to collect power-ups! Power-Ups will last a short period of time but give the Hulk extra strength. With the INVINCIBLE power up Hulk is not harmed by enemies touching him or his power circle and with the RACE power-up Hulk gains race, he can run through enemies destroying them, the ultimate power-up! Power-ups are dropped when wheeled robots are destroyed.

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