About Jonas L.A. - Field Day Fun

Grab your helmet and pads! Do you have what it takes to lead your Horace Mantis students through three out-of-control Field Day events? First event is Downhill Turf Surfing - Use the mouse to carve your board down the grassy hill. Collect stars and jump ramps to get points. Collect STOPWATCH for extra time. Collect GUITAR PICKS to temporarily turn MUD PUDDLES into GUITARS. Collect GUITARS to earn CRAZY BONUS POINS! Don`t surf into a ramp if it FLIPS BACKWARDS! Don`t surf into a MUD PUDDLE or a CONE, or you`ll lose points. The second event is The Wall Climbing - You have to climb as high as you can. Use the arrows keys to hoist yourself LEFT or RIGHT, use the DOWN arrow key to drop to handle below. Collect GUITAR PICKS to make GUITARS appear. Collect GUITARS to earn EXTREME BONUS POINTS! Collect STARS to earn points and STOPWATCHES for extra time. Don`t climb onto a DIRTY SOCK or you`ll lose points. Don`t touch a PIGEON or you`ll lose your grip! The third event is Sprinkler Hurdles - Try don`t get wet! Use the ARROW KEYS to change lanes. Use the SPACEBAR to leap over sprinklers and drums. Collect STARS to earn points. Collect STOP WATCHES for extra time. Collect GUITARS PICKS to temporarily turn GEYSERS into GUITARS. Collect GUITARS to earn MIND-BLOWING BONUS POINTS! Don`t run into a sprinkler or you`ll lose points and time. Don`t run into a BOUNCING DRUM or you`ll lose points. Have fun!

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