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About Jonas L.A. - Just Kickin` It Game

Whether you like football or the celebrities, the Jonas L.A. - Just Kickin` it game is a good match. What you need to do here is to use your mouse to keep the ball up in the air and not let it hit the ground. Choose your favorite person and start a Solo Practice to get a little training or go straight for the Group Jam if you feel like you are already the master of this sport. If you prefer to practice a little bit before, you will play a while by yourself until you get a grip unto how things go around here. First of all, you have to learn how to control your character that is by moving him or her to the left or right. Easy as pie! Next, to kick the ball make sure that it is in the right place where you can hit it and click. If your position is correct, then the ball will bounce in the air, if not, it will touch the floor. To give it a unique twist, hold the mouse until the power bar fills up and it will deliver a special kick that will provide you with a bonus which will add up to the final score. Each time you will hit it for more than two times, you will gain combo points which will make you a better player! Once in a while, a clock will appear on the screen, when you see it try to bounce the ball into it to gain a little bit more time. Oh and do not forget! Avoid getting your ball out of the playing area as much as you can otherwise you will lose time and points. When you feel like you have trained enough, then it will be the time you started the real game. Here you will play along with four others the aim is to pass the ball from one to the other without letting it fall on the floor, more or less the same thing you did while practicing. The person who fails to keep the ball will be kicked out from the game, thus making the space between you wider and wider as more players get eliminated. Once there are fewer players it will be more challenging to keep it up throughout all the five rounds. Try to get the others out first by kicking the ball harder and making it more difficult to catch. After each round, every player will be back in the game so do not be disappointed if you happen to lose at first. At the end of each round and game, you will see all your progress so that the next time you will get even better. After each game, you will also be able to choose another character, so play as many times as you wish with whoever you want! I bet that once you start playing, you won`t be doing anything else for a long time because this one is as challenging as fun for anybody who likes fooling around with balls and the Jonas!

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