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About Jonas L.A. - Skyscraper Scramble Game

Now it is a time when the brothers are in great need of help to give a gig at the top of a skyscraper, in Jonas L.A.-Skyscraper Scramble, and fast! Collect all the instruments that are lying around at different levels of the building, and the other things to make them able to play before everything gets dark and they cannot shoot it on cameras anymore. First, choose the Jonas that you want to play with and then move him around using the right and left arrows. When you want to enter a door or an elevator, use the up or down arrows depending on if you`re going to get in or out. Now all you have to do is to find all the gear for the concert. Use the little yellow things above your head to guide you toward them. They will show you where all the instruments are. On your way take all the power-ups that you can find such as small clocks to get more time or other boosts that help you win the game smoother. Hideaway from any fans or paparazzi because if they get you, you will lose precious seconds each time. Go into a storage room or office, and you will go unnoticed by any of them or give them the merch that you have collected to keep them away. Keep an eye on the timer above you at all times to know when you need to start hurrying. The journey will be difficult to end, but all the Jonas are counting on you. Help them all the way to the top, and they will surely be very grateful to you.

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