About Jonas L.A. - Skyscraper Scramble

Jonas needs your help! They`re running late for a video shoot atop an LA skyscraper, but the elevators and stairwells don`t go straight up the building. Guide them floor by floor through this maze craze before the director loses daylight - and his patience! Use your left and right arrow keys to run through the halls. Navigate to the red door on the top floor of each level before time runs out. Make sure to collect all the equipment shown here to pass a level. Compass arrows point to items and goals. Use the up arrow key to go up stairs and elevators and down arrow key to go down.Use either up or down to enter / exit doors to hide. Pick-up extra equipment and notes for bonus points. Avoid paparazzi and fans. They slow you down and make you lose time. Collect swag to store here and then use to give to fans and paparazzi to get away with no time lost. Snag digital clocks to extend your game time.

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