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About Jungle Bounce Game

Do you remember what a fun thing to do was to jump on a trampoline and bounce all day long as a little child? We bet it was one of your favorite activity and why not, it can still be. Now imagine how it would feel to do the same thing but in a place full of trees and flowers. You can have an extraordinary time doing that with the funniest rabbit, Mr. Whiskers in Jungle Bounce game. Mr. Whiskers is one of the best bouncers in the jungle, and due to the help of his best friend Brandy, he can prove it to you and to everyone who lives in the wild jungle. We think that if you help him a little bit, he can even become better than he already is and that would make him the happiest rabbit alive. Brandy has decided to show him that he has all her support but becoming the best at something is not easy at all. Different types of dangerous things are waiting for him at every corner, and if he does not avoid it, he can fall and lose everything. Once Mr. Whiskers starts bouncing, he has to pick some beautiful flowers that appear on his way, but he has to be careful. Grey rainy clouds and tree branches can appear on his way trying to make him lose his chute. Bounce as many times as you can, but be very careful not to lose more than three chutes because you will lose the game! You can also ride air currents for a speed boost while you move over the floating flowers.

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