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If you love fashion and you are also a fan of Kim Possible, then you should have an enjoyable time while playing Kim Dressup game! This is another online game for the fans of brave Kim Possible. Even though Kim is a teenage schoolgirl, her life is full of adventures and dangers. Unlike other teenagers she`s not just attending school, throwing house parties and having boring dinners with her parents. Kim Possible is a crime fighter! She has a great responsibility to protect the civilians from dozens of evil plans made up by such professional villains like the mad scientist Dr. Drakkem, Shego, and others. Luckily, Kim has devoted friends to help her. Ron, Wade, and Rufus are always ready for a new mission. But let Kim take some rest from the endless criminals chasing. Let`s not forget she`s just a teenage girl. And like other teenage girls, she wants to relax sometimes. What are the activities that all the girls like? Of course, shopping and fashion! There is a perfect chance for you to see Kim Possible in another shape! Make her put away her everyday clothing she`s studying and fighting in, and give her some new outfit. Try on different styles together with Kim. Combine these fancy tops, bottoms, shoes and other accessories. Play with colors and styles as for how you wish. Make Kim a real fashion model! Imagine, how her friends, family and even enemies will be surprised when seeing her in a new look! Give Kim a chance to strike the villains down not just with her weapons, but also with her stunning outfit.

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