About Mission Marvel

Agent P presents Mission Marvell game, the action taking place in a small town of Danville. What happened? Somehow, Dr. Doof took powers from all Marvel Heroes and they are eager to join ranks with Agent P, Phineas and Ferb and help them defeat all the evil robots and minions Dr. Doof is sending their way. It`s the only way they could restore their powers and continue battling all the evil around the Universe. To do so, first, you must choose a character you want to play with. Controlling your chosen character isn`t hard. Just use direction keys (arrows) on your keyboard for moving your character UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT. Attack your enemies by pressing the "C" button on your keyboard. In some occasions, you will be able to summon one of the Marvel Heroes (each level grants you another Marvel Hero to summon) by pressing SPACEBAR button on your keyboard. You will be able to summon Marvel Hero only when Marvel Hero Power Bar is full. Fill the power bar by destroying your enemies. While your Marvel Hero is active and helping you fight, power bar is going down. When it hits the bottom, your companion hero will be gone, BUT... you can "make" your companion stay and fight with you if you are fast enough. While the companion is active, try to destroy as many enemies as possible as fast as possible because that will fill the power bar back. If you are fast enough, you might end the level with Marvel hero by your side all the way.

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