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About Samurai Game

A great adventure is waiting for you if you decide to play the Samurai game! The Power Rangers are the best at challenges! They always manage to succeed, even when they are in missions almost impossible to pass at first sight! During this game, you need to choose one Power Ranger to represent you, and then the fun begins. After you pick the Ranger that you like the most, you will receive an arch that you will use by pressing the left button of your mouse. Every level hides a different mission that you need to pass to get to the next level. There are firebirds and dinosaurs that you have to kill or even to hit the target at a certain point to win. Even if it sounds easy to do, things get tricky when the Dinosaur Master, Bird Master of the Blue Monster appear and you will have to use all your arrows to destroy them. If you let them get to you, you will die, and you need to start the level again. The last stage will be challenging to pass because you will have you defeat a flying dragon. The hard part is that you need to fight him both in the air and on the ground and to destroy him for good; you will need the help of all the Power Rangers. They will create the robot, and in this way, you will have a chance to win. Good luck and have fun!

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