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About UP Kevin`s Chocogobble Game

Kevin is a true exploratory, and he is always up to a new adventure. In Up: Kevin’s Chocogobble game, you need to help Kevin get all the chocolate squares and run from the dogs who are following him. To succeed in this mission, you have to use the up, down, left and right arrow keys, or the A, S, D, W keys from your keyboard. It does not matter which combination of keys you want to use. You will move on the field using those keys and grab all the chocolate. To dodge the dogs and gain time, you have two options, which are suitable for you. Either you can summon the squirrels by collecting the nuts, and they will distract the dogs, or you can squawk by collecting the musical notes, and the dogs will get scared, and they will go away. After you cleaned one side of the land, you have to cross the river through the rock paths and get the others chocolate squares. On your way, you can catch the butterflies, the flowers, the chocolate bars or the tree signs. They will give you extra points for your final score. Avoid the other objects that appear in your way. If the dogs get you, you will start again from the beginning, but as long as you still have lives, you will not have to start over with getting the chocolate, you can just resume your previous progress. When you lose all your lives, the game will end. Good luck on this sweet adventure. Have fun!

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