Winnie Tiger and Piglet Color Math

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About Winnie Tiger and Piglet Color Math Game

We bet, you missed Winnie the Pooh and his friends from The Hundred Acre Wood. Well, here`s your chance to meet them again! As you already might know, Winnie is a cute little bear living in the fairytale Hundred Acre Wood. It`s a wonderful and peaceful place, home to many other funny animals. Winnie`s biggest passion is honey. He can go far to reach a jar of sweet honey! Of course, his passion often leads him to troubles. But luckily, he has a lot of devoted friends, which are always ready to throw themselves into action and help Winnie to overcome all kinds of obstacles on his way to a honey pot! Piglet the Little Pig is another big fun of honey. Despite his timorous nature, Piglet would never miss to join Winnie for another risky venture, if honey is in question! But who`s the real trouble-maker in The Hundred Acre Wood gang – it`s Tigger! This adventurous little tiger would to everything to demonstrate his tiger nature to his friends. Needless to say, honey is first, but Winnie, Tigger and Piglet don`t mind to try something else, is fun is considered. They like challenges, just like you! Solve this Color Math game and prove, how smart you are. Apply your math skills and color the picture of Winnie, Piglet and Tigger sailing the float. Move the brush to a particular portion of the picture, count the value of the numbers above and find the number of the color on the right side! Step by step you will solve all the math examples and color the whole picture!

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