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Have you been looking for an entertaining game? Now you have found it! Try out The Incredibles: Save the Day game now if you want to experience the thrills of a good bad versus good guys fight.

First, hit the Play button if you like to live dangerously! If you would like to know what you are getting into before, then press the Help button right away. If you have chosen the safe way into this game, namely the help button, then the instructions will show up. They are pretty straightforward: you must use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around and, most importantly, the space-bar to attack! Already excited? So am I. But wait, there is even more to this!

Next, press the button down below that says Special Moves, cool right? At first, all of them are locked up, but as you are playing, you will unlock them one by one while crushing your enemies like a real superhero that you are. Now is time to hit the button down there in the right corner and play!

Oh, the thrills of the fight! You also get to choose the level of difficulty. Go for the one you find to be the best for you, between easy and hard.  There is also a locked difficulty which you will be able to choose once you complete all the levels at Hard.

Fight your way through the levels

Now that you finally got into the game, it is time to fight some bullies. Do not be afraid of the jungle behind you, there are no wild animals there. Watch out for the big, grey, and round guy next to you. He is the bully which I mentioned before.

If you take a look up there at the top of the screen in the left corner, you will see a little circle with the picture of your character inside and a thin blue line. That is your life bar, and next to it are some small grey circles, representing the number of battles you need to have against each opponent. As you win or lose a fight, the rings will turn red. In each round, the first contestant to win three battles wins the game.

On the right side, there are the same circles and lines, but for your enemy. I advise you to watch them with great care during the game because otherwise, you will lose and we don't want our superhero, yes, that is you, to lose the fight against the bad guy.

Oh, almost forgot, there is also a little clock in the middle so you can see how quickly you have won the fight or maybe how quickly you have lost the battle. Now let's move to more serious things, shall we?

Unlock the special attack moves!

See that big guy? Now it is time to fight him. Press the arrow keys to move your hero towards the villain and hit the space-bar once you are ready to attack. If you feel a little bit more dangerous, then press at the same time one of the arrow keys and the space-bar to give him a high or low kick. Awesome! You got it!

While you fight against the evil machine, you will unlock the special attacks,  that will give him more damage than your ordinary kick. And it does not end here. As you pass onto the next level, the background, and the enemy changes. You did not expect it to be the same, did you?

Right, so after each enemy that is defeated, the game gets increasingly difficult. Your enemies will fight better, and you will need to do the same. From now on, you know everything about the fights, and nothing is stopping you from your duty as a hero. Enjoy your match while listening to the entertaining music in the background. Or maybe mute it whether you prefer to listen to other songs.

Useful Tips

If you happen to require to take a break, then there is no problem, you only have to press the button down there that says Menu. And it will immediately pause the game for you. Easy as pie.

There you also have the options to go back to the help section if you want to have a look again over the instructions and the special kicks. The quit button also may come in handy if there is an emergency that needs a real-life hero. But I warn you, once you press that button all your progress will be lost and you will have to take it all over again.

And finally, the resume button which brings you back to your battles against evil forces. Accept the challenge and defeat the bad guys using your skills and fast reflexes while you enjoy yourself playing this game. Good luck, and may the strength of the warriors be with you!

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