About Hannah Montana Poster Sweep

Tonight Hannah is going to have another performance on the big stage in the Poster Sweeper game! As some of you might already know, Miley is an average schoolgirl by day and a famous pop star by night, having Hannah Montana as her stage name. She`s living a double life, hiding her significant achievements in the world of music from family and friends. Her fans have no clue who`s this glamorous pop diva in real life! Of course, it`s not easy to live in the two worlds, since there are a lot of tasks you manage all the time! For instance, this time the devoted fans and reporters are waiting for the concert, but someone discovered that the concert staff forgot the billboard on the outside. It was laying on the ground the whole night and got completely covered with autumn leaves! People working there are so irresponsible! How they want the fans to find the concert hall like that? Hannah`s concert is in a great danger! Sure, somebody will get fired. If you consider yourself a real fan of Hannah Montana, you will figure out how to help the situation. “Hannah Montana Poster Sweep” is a game for the real Hannah`s admirer. It`s time to act! Help the stuff and stand the billboard up. But first, you should sweep all the leaves off it. Shake the mouse quickly to move the broom. The better you perform the task, the more significant score you will obtain. Watch the timer! Try to sweep off all the leaves and get the billboard uncovered in the given amount of time. Hurry up, you don`t have a lot of time! Save the situation and don`t let the fans get lost. Sure, Hannah will appreciate you!

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