About Jackson`s Beach Treat Delivery

Welcome to Jackson`s Beach Treat Delivery! The weather is great and everyone is out for a sunbath and ice cream. Jackson is trying to gather some money for a new car, that`s why he`s dashing around doing snacks delivery, instead of enjoying this hot summer day at the beach! He`s in a terrible rush. Especially, when Miley, Oliver, Lily and his dad are there. They are the best customers coming every day and constantly asking for new sundaes. Help him to earn for a new car and to deal with impatient customers! Wait for somebody to make an order and run to Rico`s Surf Shop or to ice cream cart. Pick up the order and deliver it to the customer using the space bar. Try not to run into people or other beach hazards. If you do that, you will spill the sundae and customer will give you smaller tips. If you get the order spilled completely, you will have to get back and fill it again. The customers will start complaining then. Get three complaints and say bye-bye to the new car! There is a minimum number of orders you should deliver daily. Watch the timer and pass the number before the time is up! Pick up the green sandals to run faster and gather coins appearing from time to time to earn extra cash. There two modes. Chose Easy Delivery, if you don`t want to rush too much. Pick up Hot to Handle mode, if you want to earn more tips, but get ready to work faster!

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