About Jammin` With Hannah

Are you a Hannah Montana fan? If you are, then jump in another Hannah Montana adventure, "Jammin` With Hannah". To play this game, you need musical instruments, excellent tone perception, and a big name in the music industry. Are you up for it? Well, to play this game you only need your speakers and keyboard along with the rest of your computer, but we`ll provide everything else. Just sit back and relax and enjoy your own performance with a little help from Hannah and Oliver. Choose between those two characters which one you want to play with. Hanna is on the rock stage dancing and Oliver is on his own in the living room. When you decide which character you`d like to use, then you can choose between the instruments you want to play, the guitar or the drums. After choosing the instrument, choose the level from Normal to Jammin` for guitar mode and just one level for the drums mode. In the drums mode, you need to press the correct letter button coming in the directions of the drums. Choose between letters: Z, X, C and V. Press them at the right moment so you`ll play the tone. In guitar normal mode, you need to hold the correct letter button (Z, X, C or V) and press SPACEBAR when the note comes to be able to play it correctly. The guitar Jammin` mode is a little bit harder. Use your numerical keyboard (right side of your keyboard) and numbers: 1, 2, 3 and 4. You also need to hold the correct number button and press SPACEBAR button to play a tone, but, the trick is, you need to hold your keyboard as you would hold a real guitar. Placing your left-hand fingers on the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 and placing your right hand on the SPACEBAR button to play. Hitting the right tones and the right time will bring your more points which further means more tokens. Tokens are used for buying new songs, game modes, and new keys. Enjoy and have fun! Let`s dance!

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