About Rico`s Surf Shop Challenge

Are you up for an entertaining beach challenge this summer? Then it is the perfect time to start playing Rico`s Surf Shop Challenge! Rico is a character from the TV series Hannah Montana, he is incredibly intelligent and quite confident. Miley and her friends Lilly and Oliver, as well as her brother Jackson are presented with a demanding task by Rico, but we are sure that you can help them prove him wrong this time! Rico believes that he is the best salesman at the beach and he is willing to allow Hannah and her friends to work at his shop for a week in order to prove to them that they cannot possibly measure up to him when it comes to selling food and refreshments! Help Miley, Lilly, Oliver and Jackson win against Rico and sell as many things as they can to the customers! You can achieve that by helping them earn more money than they spend and by having a great number of satisfied customers. If you fail to meet Rico`s expectations, all the money that you have earned will end up in his hands! However, you get to keep everything if you do a good job. The challenge is going to last for seven days, so you have just enough time to win! Select either Miley, Lilly, Oliver or Jackson to play with and start enjoying this amazing game! The first thing you should do is select the products for your Surf Shop and the good news is that after you complete each of the seven days at the beach, you will be able to buy more interesting products that will attract customers even more! Before you obtain the products and start selling them, make sure you have read the product descriptions because that is the only way to find out which ones are perfect for that particular day. Also, pay attention to what your customers really want. If you notice that they do not want sunscreen as much as they want a hot dog, then it would be a smart decision to purchase lower amounts of sunscreen for that day. Also, mind the weather report at the beginning of the mission in order to determine which products would sell most on that particular day. You should also know that if you choose to return something that you have already purchased, you will only get three quarters of your money back, so be very careful when you decide to do this. You can do this by rolling over the desired product with your cursor. Simply click on the product to purchase it and start having fun! Use the bottom slider to set the amount of products you purchase and the side slider to set the price at which you are going to sell them. It is of utmost importance to make smart decisions here! It is completely fine to go all the way to the top if you want to have the highest score and win against Rico! You can always re-open your inventory by clicking on the dollar sign placed at the bottom right corner of your screen and go back to the beach by clicking on the button at the top right corner after you have opened the product store. Also, you should pay close attention to what your customers want. Roll over them with your cursor when they pass you by and see what it is that they wish to purchase. Simply click on them if you want them to approach the Surf Shop and buy the product. If they are satisfied with the price, the product will automatically be sold. If not, a red circle or a dollar sign will appear, which would mean that you were not able to sell the product. You can serve as many as four customers at a time. In addition to that, you should pay attention to the time because it is limited and you have to earn as much money as you can quite fast! Are you ready to have the time of your life at the beach this summer? Join Miley and the gang in this wonderful Surf Shop adventure!

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