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Join the most courageous crocodile you have ever met in The Pirate Fairy: Crocky's Chompin' Rescue game! Tinker Bell and her fairy friends have been captured by dangerous pirates, locked up, and hidden deep inside the terrifying pirate ship. What is more, their special talents have been switched up! Can you imagine that? 

It's going to take someone small but extremely adventurous to help our friends get out of this sticky situation. Meet Crocky, a brave little reptile who is willing to explore the entire pirate ship, collect the fairy dust, and free all the pixies. However, he will never be able to get through this exciting challenge alone! Do you think you can lend him a helping hand?

Join Crocky and discover the entire ship!

The game consists of six levels of increasing difficulty that will take you through different parts of the vessel. From the kitchen to the main deck and even in the captain's room, you will have the chance to discover every single corner.

To complete this thrilling adventure, Crocky needs to find the key on each level, free all the fairies, and safely reach the pirate flag that marks the end of the stage. It's the only way that you can move on to the next level of the journey! Sounds quite challenging? Don't worry; the fairies and their special talents will always be by your side and ready to help! 

The gameplay is quite intuitive. Use the Left and Right arrows on your keyboard to make Crocky crawl, while pressing the Up arrow will help him jump on top of crates and avoid obstacles. What is more, you can make use of his strong jaws and sharp teeth to chew through wood! Just press the Spacebar key to do so. These are the essential keys that you will use throughout your adventure. 

One of the main goals of each level is to find the hidden fairy, so you can make use of her unique talent. You will notice that each of your favorite characters from Pixie Hollow has a different skill than what you are used to! For instance, Tinker Bell now controls water. Step on the assigned places, then press the space-bar key to get propelled into the air by a water jet. Pretty awesome, right?

Along your journey, you will meet all of Tink's friends and experience their new talents! Rosetta will help you tame rats while Vidia controls the floating platforms. Silvermist is the new master of fast-flying, and Iridessa controls plants. Lastly, Fawn can make light burn through thick pirate boots. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Become a true adventurer with the help of the fairies!

You can do several things to earn some extra points and make your quest more thrilling. To begin with, make sure you collect all the Pixie Dust you can! The golden kind earns you 50 points, while the blue type is worth 100 points!

What is more, you can also come closer to the high score by finding and collecting the golden clock in each stage. It can turn out to be quite well hidden, but it's certainly worth the extra points! You can check how many points you have earned so far by glancing at the top right corner of the screen.

The path ahead of you is filled with obstacles! From rats to stomping pirates and spiders, many things can harm you along the way. Every time Crocky gets hurt, you lose a precious life. Make sure you collect all the eggs you can find to restore one of them! Check on how many lives you have left by glancing at the crocodile icons at the top left corner of the screen. You only have three at the beginning of each level, so be extremely careful!

There's more you should know!

This thrilling game allows you to compete for special achievements. You can check out how many you have already accomplished and set new goals by clicking on the trophy icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Some of them require you to score three stars on a level, while others challenge you to go through it as fast as you can. Pretty neat, right?

The end of this exciting journey will find you in the captain's room, looking for the last captured fairy, Zarina. The keeper of the fairy dust will be hidden in a dark and hard-to-reach place in the room. Thankfully, you will benefit from the help of all your fairy friends and their talents!

Do you think you are brave enough to face this task? Join Crocky and find out!

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