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Do you love the creatures of the forest? Have you ever wanted to take care of them and even have some fun together? Then you should definitely try the Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast: Pixie Hollow Pets game!

The spunky and opinionated Tinker Bell and Fawn, a charming tomboy with a talent for animals, will be your partners in this unique adventure in Pixie Hollow. They need your help to keep all the fluffy creatures of the forest happy and healthy. 

What is more, there are rumors of a new type of fantastic animal lurking around in the forest. Maybe if you lend the pixies a helping hand, you will have the opportunity to take a closer look and discover a new friend!

At the beginning of the game, you have the opportunity to meet your five fluffy friends. Keep in mind that you need to play with them one by one at first. You can only unlock the next adorable creature once you make the previous one happy. Therefore, you need to work hard if you want to get to meet and befriend the duckling, the bunny, the bear, the swallow, and even the elusive Neverbeast!

Groom, feed, and amuse your new friend!

At first, you will notice that your beloved pets are extremely upset. Your mission is to cheer them up and make sure all their needs are fulfilled. You can check on your progress by checking the three bars under your pet. They quantify how much food, fun, and grooming your pet still needs. Once all the bars are full, your furry friend is happy, and you can move on to the next one! 

To fulfill your animal's needs, you need to use various icons on the screen. Is your furry friend feeling a bit peckish? Then click on the menu item in the lower right corner. Pay attention to what your new friend is telling you! The animals will tell you what they are craving. Will it be blueberries, corn, sunflower seeds, or even honey?

Next, it's time to play! Click on the appropriate icon on the right side of the screen to have some fun with your new buddies. Depending on your pet, you can enjoy different activities together. Therefore, you'll have a lot of fun flying, swimming, fetching, and enjoying the outdoors with your new friends!

After all this fun, you'll notice that your pet is quite dirty! Are you and your new friend ready for some grooming? Click on the sponge icon to get started. Make sure that you choose their favorite soap! If you do a good job, your cute friend will be cheerful and clean in no time!

Decorate and customize your environment!

The more you play with your pets, the happier and more excited they will get. What is more, you will unlock exciting new decorations to make the setting more cheerful! Add a new toy, some beautiful flowers, or even some unexpected items. They will complete the magical atmosphere in Pixie Hollow and make you and your best buddy happier.

Do you want to show off your adorable pet to all your friends? Now you can! Just click on the camera icon to immortalize your new friend. Catch him while he's making a funny face or playing with a new toy. It will surely delight all your friends! Maybe they will even want to give the game a try so that you can compare your achievements!

If you love animals, you should stop hesitating and join in on the fun! Tinker Bell and Fawn are working hard to help all the creatures in the woods surrounding Pixie Hollow. You can give them a much-needed helping hand! What is more, I am sure you will have lots of fun with your new furry friend!

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