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Can you find all the magical items hidden in Pixie Hollow in Tink's Lost Treasure game? Tinker Bell is usually a resourceful and ambitious fairy. However, sometimes even she needs a little help to perform her pixie duties!

As you might already know, the fairies in Pixie Hollow have a vital mission: make the proper preparations for the changing of seasons. To perform these difficult tasks, they need to put their fairy talents at work and add a bit of pixie dust. What is more, sometimes they need special magic items!

This time, Tink needs your help to bring a new Autumn into the world! She will need all her lost treasures in order to be successful. Can you uncover their location? The whole change of seasons is in your hands!

Uncover secrets and click your way to victory!

The game consists of a board made of 104 pieces. In the beginning, all of them will be turned face down, forming the image of a pirate ship in the sunset. The object you are looking for is hidden among all the pieces. Do you think you can find it?

There are fifteen different fascinating objects that you have the opportunity to discover. From colorful butterflies to Tink's pouch of pixie dust, and even ladybugs and crickets, they are all needed to bring back Autumn! Do you think you can complete all fifteen levels?

Click on a piece to turn it over and see what lies hidden underneath. If you are really lucky, you might even click on the lost treasure from the first try! However, most of the time this is not the case. It will take more effort and wittiness to figure out the location of the lost treasures! Click again, and maybe you'll have more luck! 

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that you have only a limited number of clicks available, quantified in flowers. You start out with only 20 tries, so be careful! All treasures that you fail to find from the first try will be completely lost forever! That would be such a shame!

Bonuses and clues will help you uncover what was lost!

Once you click on a tile and discover it is not the magical treasure you were seeking, there are several other options you can encounter. To begin with, there are high chances that you will come across a plain blue or white tile. Pay attention, as the blue ones show you that there is a valuable item in their vicinity. 

Sometimes, you might come across a flower tile. That's great because it grants you one extra click! Uncovering a blue gem is going to give you some extra points, while the NeverBerry will cause you to lose a gem, therefore decreasing your total score. Check on the flowers and gems earned so far by glancing at the top right corner of the screen.

If you are looking to acquire a high score, you can do so by earning as many gems as possible, while simultaneously finding the lost treasure using as few clicks as possible. Sounds like quite a challenge, right?

Thankfully, there are some really helpful types of tiles that will guide you towards the magical item that you seek. These are the compass pieces! They all have a black arrow that points you in the direction of the lost object on the board. What is more, their color indicates how close you are to your target. The blue background means that you are far off, orange means that you are getting closer, and red means you should look for the treasure right around your current location. What a neat feature!

Are you ready to give Tink a much needed helping hand at the change of seasons? Practice your intelligence and ability to interpret clues with this captivating game! You will get the chance to experience the magical atmosphere of Pixie Hollow and take in the charming music and beautiful settings. It will surely be a thrill playing this fascinating puzzle game!

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