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Welcome to the “Blustery Garden”! Remember Rabbit, short temper, but also the cute guy? Rabbit feels nervous, when things so wrong. He definitely opposes surprises. Rabbit likes everything to be well-planned and organized. Unlike Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, honey doesn`t attract him at all. Crazy adventures also can`t draw his attention. But of course, there is something he feels proud about: his garden! Rabbit loves his garden, takes care of it daily, and often is being strongly protective of it. Especially, when it comes to damage. Rabbit will not let anybody destroy his lovely garden! Unfortunately, a blustery storm came to the Hundred Acre Wood. Imagine, how unsettle Rabbit feels, after strong wind and heavy rain made a mess of his garden! What a terrible picture: honey pots, watering cans and other gardening tools are strewn apart! Can you help Rabbit to clean up the garden and put everything back in place? Start matching objects vertically or horizontally to make them disappear. You can move to the next lever after you pick up the pre-determined number of objects. Watch the time and try to get the job done before it`s up! Every saved on second gives you bonus points. Don`t let branches take over the garden! You can`t move them, but you can make use of the power-ups to deal with the problem. Click the Bumble Bees to clear up all the objects around it. Give the Gopher direction to clear up titles in front of him! Have fun!

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