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Zack and Cody always crave for new adventures, this time they will try to succeed in Hollywood in this Camera Twin Spin game! Their ideas are often very interesting, and for those who are an adventurous spirit, this will be quite an enjoyment. This is a perfect game for those who love a little adventure and who are very precise. Although extremely fun, the game requires focus and concentration.

In this game, you help Zack and Cody to collect as many stars as possible. Luckily, you are not alone as you have help from the side and these are Maddie and London who will do their best in order to make your little adventure successfully completed. While playing the game, in the background you can hear a melody that is also adventurous, and each starred star follows the super-sound of the victory. In this adventure, Zack collects red stars and Cody collects gold stars. Use the spacebar to spin Zack and Cody and use the arrow keys in order to move up or down.

Also, it is essential that you concentrate on collecting all the letters in "Hollywood" to get a bonus refund. You also have a chance for MEGA points, which you will get by filling up the star power meter completely. However, if you get off without star power, the game is over for you. The game is exciting, fast and a high concentration and movements are expected from the player. As soon as you'll start playing you'll quickly figure it out that you simply can’t stop. Try your best in making Zack and Cody and their friends Hollywood stars. Good luck!

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