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It's time to throw the most fun party the Tipton has ever seen! Give the Pizza Party Pickup game a try, and begin the preparations! The Suite Life can sometimes be quite boring, but Zack and Cody never run out of exciting ideas. Can you help them complete their plan?

This time, the twins have to work together to beat Maddie and London on a quest to throw the best pizza party of the summer. The hotel can seem like a maze sometimes, which is why the kids need your help! Navigate the hallways, and collect all the pizza, snacks, and cool stuff needed for an epic party.

Of course, your quest won't go uninterrupted because Carey and Mr. Moseby are always on watch. Will you be able to complete your mission and reach the top floor of the Tipton Hotel?

How to play the game

Before beginning your adventure, you have to understand the basics! To walk around the hotel, all you need to do is press the Arrows on your keyboard. Hold the Up, Down, Left, or Right keys, and make sure not to get caught! Of course, many objects are blocking your way, so you will have to be very careful.

Your first task is to choose your character. You can play as Zack, Cody, London, or Maddie. Don't worry, though! Whether you are on the boys' or girls' team, the challenge remains the same for the jokers.

The Tipton has 10 floors, and your party will get hotter and hotter the more you go up! Make your way through the hallways, collect all the pizza and snacks, and walk towards the elevator to progress. You can only climb up once your party meter is high enough, so make sure to keep the fun going!

You only have three lives, so it's very important to watch out for Carey, Mr. Moseby, and the opposite team! Each time you are caught, you will lose a chance. If you lose all three, the party will be over, and you wouldn't want your friends to go home early, right?

There's more you should know!

The higher your score is, the hotter your party! The pizza and snacks will all earn you some points once you pick them up, but there are even more items to watch out for. Collect fun items like balloons or music players, and the bonus will be higher! Of course, if you manage to party on to the top of the Tipton, your score will increase as well.

Luckily there is no time limit, so you can think of a strategy for each stage. However, you will receive bonus points for the remaining time at the end of the level. So if you're looking for a high score, try to move as quickly as possible!

If you want to reach the final floor, it's best to watch your opponents' moves and make sure not to run into them. Stay safe, choose your path carefully, and be as stealthy as a cat to win! After all, Mr. Moseby won't get fooled easily!

Well, are you ready to throw an epic party? Zack and Cody are counting on you to grab all the pizza and snacks, so it's time to get going!

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