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About Pooh's Hunny Catch Game

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Do you know what Winnie the Pooh's biggest weakness is? If so, help your cute friend pick up some tasty snacks in the Pooh's Hunny Catch game! Honey is no joking matter for the fluffy bear, and he needs your help to get it all! Will you be able to collect all the pots?

In this casual game, your job is to pick up all the falling honey jars. Of course, your mission won't be so simple because they are hidden among other items. You have to stay away from the carrots, vases, and other distractions and keep your eye on the prize! Can you make Winnie proud?

How to play the game

Are you ready to learn all the basics? To control your cute buddy, all you have to do is use your mouse. Drag your cursor across the screen and gather as much honey as you can! Of course, you still have to avoid the other objects and food coming towards you!

Pooh is surely not a picky bear, so it doesn't take much work to start earning points. Look for the honey pots and collect them all to get your score up! Your record will increase by 1 for each correct item you catch, but you will also lose a point each time you run into an obstacle.

Remember to keep an eye out, and don't let your friend get injured! There are all sorts of objects falling from the sky. From pots and vases to flour bags and carrots, you have to avoid them all! If not, you will start losing points at an alarming rate! 

Are you ready to pick up Pooh's meal? If you're aiming to set a new record for your friend, you have to be very careful! Luckily, you can practice for as long as you need. So, how much honey can you grab before time is up?

Well, what are you waiting for? Winnie is always hungry, and he is counting on you to help him out! Can you grab all the falling honey jars?

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