About Design Hannah Montana

Would you like to be the stylist of one of the greatest rock stars in the world? If you think you would do an amazing job, it is the perfect time to start playing Design Hannah Montana! Since Hannah is the most popular teenage superstar in the world, she has to look amazing whenever she appears in public and this time she needs your help to achieve that perfect look she is aiming for! Also, Hannah is trying to keep her real identity a secret because she is just an ordinary girl by day and becomes the teen idol everybody adores at night, so do your best to make her superstar clothes look fun and glittery! Once you have started the game, you will be offered a lot of fun options which will help you do the perfect Hannah Montana makeover! Make Hannah look gorgeous by clicking on the amazing makeover options you are given on the right part of the screen. She will definitely be excited to see the cool background effects which you can apply by simply clicking on the first three buttons! The sparkles around Hannah will definitely make her feel more confident around her fans.You can also change Hannah`s hairstyle and make her hair look incredibly good! You can choose between awesome hair colors and experiment with them until you find the most suitable one. You just need to click on the hair dryer and Hannah will have amazing hair in no time! However, that is not all that this amusing game has to offer! There is also the option to change the color of Hannah`s jacket and top by clicking on the T-shirt icons and to choose a stylish design for her pants by clicking on the shorts icon. The perfect outfit worthy of a rock star can only be achieved by activating your unique talent and sense of style. In addition to that, you can change the color of her belt and her earrings and try to match them with her chic outfit. When you finish, you can print your beautiful work and show your friends the wonderful outfit that you have created! Do you think you can help Hannah get ready to rock? Join her and find out!

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