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Are you good at dancing? Good, because Belle and Beast need your talents as fast as possible in Follow My Lead Game. All her life she kept her nose deep in books and never learned how to dance correctly, and as the Beast is concerned, I do not honestly think that he had any partner to practice with considering his latest looks, a bit hairier than your ordinary fellow. Lead their moves using the arrows on your keyboard accordingly to the ones that will appear on the screen. They will follow your commands closely but do not hesitate too much there because if you do then they will lose the rhythm and their waltz will look more similar to a rain dance. Not quite proper for a ballroom, right? So press all the keys before the time bar loads and everything will be fine. If you happen, though, to make a wrong step, everything will be fine as long as the rose still has some petals. With each wrong move, it will shed one, and you will have fewer and fewer chances to make mistakes. Once in a while, Belle and Beast`s friends will visit you to help you. Press the Spacebar to get the bonuses they offer. Each of them is very helpful, for instance, Cogsworth will give you another petal for your rose, Mrs. Potts will start a confetti rain during which your received points will double, and last but not least Lumiere will turn out all the light so that nobody will notice your mistakes! A friend in need is a friend indeed, so go show them how to get things done.

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