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Do you like puzzles and have excellent attention to detail? If so, why not put your mind to the test in the Stars of Disneyland game? It's always useful to have great observational skills. So challenge yourself and train your eyes to see even the tiniest of details!

The Disney princesses have prepared some pairs of pictures for you in this game, but there is something wrong. Can you guess what the differences are? Pay close attention to the screen and try to solve the challenge before time runs out!

How to play the game

Train your mind to see even the smallest details! Before you begin your mission, you have to understand the basics. First, compare the two sides, then use your mouse to click on the spots where differences are. You have to pay close attention if you don't want to make too many mistakes!

Get ready to meet Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, and even Mickey Mouse and his friends! Each one of their pictures is unique, so make sure to look for differences everywhere. Sometimes they can be found around the characters, but you will also have to check the background. If your guess is correct, your cursor will draw a circle around the area! 

For each level, you have to find 5 differences. Remember that you are playing against the clock, and you only have one minute to finish your goal! Just try not to make mistakes, or you will have to restart the game from the beginning! Once you reach 5 wrong moves, you will have to try again.

Can you earn 5000 points at the end of the game? For each stage, you can get 1000 points by making the correct answers. However, if you click on the wrong spot, you will lose some points every time. So if you're aiming for a high score, you will have to be very careful and precise with your moves!

Well, are you ready to solve the puzzle? Challenge yourself and improve your attention to detail along with your favorite Disney characters!

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