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Whether the thought of practicing your multiplication tables makes you cringe in agony or grin with delight, the Ariel’s School of Fish game is sure to bring joy and amusement to practicing, with the help of some undersea friends.

This game offers two distinct levels of challenge to choose from before you start, appropriately labeled Guppy - which gives you five problems to solve at a time - and Whale - which offers ten problems instead. Gameplay is as easy as clicking your mouse, which allows you to click the passing fish one at a time until you have enough lined up on the right side of the equal sign to finish the equation.

Solve all the equations!

Though the difference in difficulty is not very dramatic (single digit multiplication is single digit multiplication, after all), there are some differences between Guppy and Whale, including the fact that Ariel provides Guppy with a hint.

Shadows wait to be filled by the fish you pick out of the water, and once you have clicked enough fish to fill the quota, the round ends, and a new problem is offered for you to solve. For Whale, however, these shadows are absent, and a big blue button labeled “I’m Done” is offered instead. So, of course, you must tell Ariel when you have collected enough fish to complete the equation! Don’t worry, though. If the answer is incorrect, the little mermaid will let you try again!

Like any good companion, Sebastian waits patiently in the corner with a question mark on his back to offer help whenever you get stuck. There is also a very helpful walkthrough available at the start of each game, just make sure to avoid the “Skip” button until you are ready!

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