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Don't miss out on the Cinderella Dress Up game if you want to play around with ballgowns, jewelry, and even a bit of magic!

Do you remember the story of a poor, hardworking and humble girl that became a Princess? Of course, Cinderella's sweet nature and kindness charmed Prince Charming. However, the beautiful gowns and accessories created by the Fairy Godmother also played a role in her story! Get ready to make your dreams come true!

This fairytale challenge allows you to imagine a magical scene and dress up the protagonist exactly how you want to! The beautiful princess has a wide assortment of gowns and accessories. Besides, you'll also be able to pick out a location and even some stickers to bring your vision to life!

How to play the game

If you've ever played a dress-up challenge before, you'll know that your mouse is everything you need. First, select one of the categories at the bottom of the screen. Then, look at all the options by clicking on the arrows. Decide what you like best, then select it by clicking again! Isn't it easy as pie? 

Where do you want your scene to take place? Pick the Royal Castle if you are looking for an elegant setting, or select the gardens for a romantic atmosphere. Besides, there are some simple options featuring pastel patterns. Pick the right hues to make the dress stand out even more! 

Welcome to Cinderella's closet! It's packed with 15 dresses that fit her signature elegant style. In addition, you'll find that most of them feature her favorite colors, blue and pink. Look closely! There are some fur-lined outfits for cold weather and even a bridal gown. Wow! 

There's more you should know! 

Even the fanciest dresses need a few accessories! The game allows you to pick something for Cinderella to hold, as well as a head accessory. Sparkling tiaras, hair jewels, and even some fancy hats are amazing if you want to add extra charm to your outfit. Don't forget about a purse adorned with pearls or some flowers! 

The stickers are straight out of a fairytale as well! Use as many as you like and drag them wherever you want in the scene! Among them, you'll recognize some of Cinderella's animal friends, such as the mice and the birds. Oh, and let's not forget about her favorite quote! Make your dreams come true with this game!

Luckily, your fantasy doesn't need to end when the clock strikes twelve! Click the Finish button, then print out your creation to keep it forever! You can even press the Replay button if you want to try your hand at another look. Experience fairytale fashion with this magical game!

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