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The Disney Princess - Storybook Adventures game allows you to spend time with your favorite characters from beloved movies! Are you a huge princess fan? Do you have posters, dolls, and even a costume or two? Then you will greatly enjoy this thrilling game that allows you to get to know your beloved princesses even better! Now you can meet your heroes and be a part of the instrumental scenes in their stories! Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun?

The best part about this game is the fact that you experience the stories of your favorite Disney princesses firsthand! There are ten different chapters in this exciting adventure. Do you admire the daring Mulan, the witty Rapunzel, or the fearless Merida? Do you enjoy the exotic charm of Jasmine or Pocahontas' wisdom and love for nature? Or maybe you prefer the classical Disney heroines, like Snow White, Cinderella, or Aurora! No matter who your favorite princesses are, now you can be a part of their captivating story and have a blast while doing it! 

Find the enchanted objects!

Throughout this game, you have the chance to become immersed in the unique story of each princess. The first part of this mission consists of being magically transported to a vital scene in the life of your preferred princess. Here, you have to find a list of magical objects as fast as you can. This allows you to accumulate points and move on in your charming adventure!

Once you have clicked the 'Find' button on a certain princesses' page, it's time for the fun to begin! The very first step is taking a quick glance at the list of objects found at the bottom of the screen. Now it's time to spot them in the crowded room in front of you and click on them as fast as you can!

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? However, you will soon find that this task is far more difficult than it seems. Dwarves, intricate decorums, and pets can stand in the way of your mission. What is more, you will be penalized with a 30-second delay if you click around too often without finding anything, so beware! Even clicking the 'Hint' button if you get stuck will make you lose 50 points at the end of the game!

However, as you keep playing and discovering the enchanted objects, you become much better! Collect as many items as you can to acquire enough magic and build your heroine's beautiful castle. You can play each chapter as many times as you like. This way, you can earn extra decorations for the magical princesses' homes and customize them to your liking! 

Time to build a castle!

Have you ever wanted to build a magical castle for your favorite Disney princess? Now you have the chance to do so! The second step of each chapter is assembling an intricate puzzle. If you are successful, now your beloved heroine can live happily ever after in the magical home she deserves!

Each jigsaw has 18 pieces that form the palace and its surroundings. All you need to do is pick one of the parts from the right side of the screen and then place it somewhere on the board. If the position is correct, the piece will become locked in place. However, if you are wrong, it will return to the pile of jumbled puzzle parts. What a shame, right?

Once you have successfully built your favorite Disney princess her fabulous castle, you can move on to another popular heroine from this magical universe. Progress through the storybook and unlock all the beautiful and brave characters that star in beloved fairytales, old and new!

The best part is that you can revisit any character you want by flipping through the book. You can also click on each princess' representative bookmark. You will undoubtedly recognize it right away!

Are you ready to be the main character of an unforgettable adventure? It features breathtaking scenery, amazing buildings, and your most beloved friends from the Disney Universe! Don't hesitate and join in on the fun!

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