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Play the Ariel Dress Up Game to meet one of the most charming Disney Princesses! You must have heard about the fiery red-haired mermaid who wished to learn more about the world of humans. Now you have the chance to create a scene inspired by her story and an outfit that reflects her personality! 

After becoming human and marrying Prince Eric, Ariel has earned the keys to an impressive wardrobe. Can you imagine all the dresses and accessories? Luckily, you don't have to! Play the game to browse through all of her treasures! You can let your imagination run wild as you select a background, a dress, accessories, and even some stickers. Let's get started!

How to play the game

Your mouse is the only tool you'll need! Use it to select one of the four categories at the bottom of the screen. Next, click on the arrows to browse through all the options and find the one you like the best. All that's left to do is a simple click to see your selection on the screen! It's so easy and fun to create a scene in this game! 

Let's set the atmosphere by looking at the 12 background options. Some of them reflect important places in Ariel's story, such as the beach where she and Eric met or the elegant seaside palace. However, you can also go for a solid color, such as pink or deep blue, or even an abstract background featuring pastel hues and dreamy effects.

What will our princess wear? The Little Mermaid's wardrobe features 15 dresses. Take a look, and you'll notice that there's something for every occasion! You'll find charming everyday dresses, as well as gowns fit for a queen. There are even some options for cold weather! Nevertheless, they all feature Ariel's favorite shades: blue, green, and pink.

There's more you should know!

A beautiful dress will shine even brighter with the right accessories. There are over 25 options that you can go through. Impressive! Pick a head ornament and something that Ariel can hold in her hand, such as a purse or a fan. You'll notice that the trinkets are inspired by our protagonist's favorite things, such as seashells and underwater plants. 

The stickers are the final touches that complete your creation. Click on them to make them appear on screen, then drag them to whichever place you like! You'll be delighted to find that Sebastian, Ariel's friend, is also among the options. Add sparkles, hearts, or even some music notes for some extra flair!

Finally, your masterpiece is complete! Press the Finish button to take a better look at your creation. You can even print it out and use it as a poster! Click Replay to enjoy even more time with Ariel as you create a new scene. It's so fun to play dress-up with her!

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