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Become a part of an exciting challenge featuring gems, jewelry, and your favorite princesses in The Princess Journey game! Have you ever wanted to become the hero of your own magical adventure? Now you have the chance to meet your favorite characters from beloved fairytales.

What is more, you can become a princess yourself! All you need to do is put your best foot forward and use your wits to solve this thrilling puzzle game. It's the only way to become a princess yourself!

The atmosphere of the game is certainly enticing. The most charming heroines of the Disney universe surround you! What is more, gold, crowns, and sparkly gems are all over the place! So relax, take in the festive music and beautiful etiquette, and have a blast with your favorite princesses!

Join in on a fun and thrilling journey!

The first step of the game is to choose your favorite princess. Keep in mind that you have eleven different options, each one of them featuring three levels of increasing difficulty. This means there are thirty-three different levels to enjoy on your journey to becoming a princess! 

Picking can be quite a complicated process, especially if you are a big fan of Disney princesses! Do you admire the heroines of the classical era, such as Aurora, Belle, or Snow White? Are you more attached to modern-day characters, such as the brave Mulan or the resourceful Tiana? No matter which type you prefer, you will undoubtedly enjoy their company in this intriguing puzzle game!

The gameplay is intuitive and easy to grasp. On the left side of the screen, you will be presented with a board featuring different types of colorful gems. Your goal is to match three or more jewels of the same kind in a row. To achieve this, all you need to do is click on two adjacent pieces for them to switch places. This will clear them from the board. Each level comes with a different set of goals and challenges, meaning you can't possibly become bored! 

Find the right combinations to win!

As with any game, some certain neat tricks and features will help you enjoy the game better and improve your scores! 

For instance, combining four or more gems of the same type will create a new element that counts as a power-up! Create a heart-shaped courage gem, an adventurous diamond, or a colorful flower of grace! You will find them stocked on the right side of the screen.

If you find yourself pressed by time or moves, just click on one of these special gems and drag it to the board. The effect will be impressive indeed! These power-ups help you clear out an entire row, column, or even all the gems of a specific type!

Another essential feature to keep in mind is the Princess Power. On the left side of the screen, right below the number of moves you have left, you will find a bar. Watch it fill up, then click it when it transforms into a beautiful princess crown! It will clear the board for you and help you earn extra points!

There are many more exciting features in this exciting puzzle game, featuring fascinating characters. However, half the fun is exploring and discovering them while you play! 

Now you have the chance to prove your skills and impress the most inspiring characters in the Disney universe. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your princess crown and join in on the adventure!

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