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Do you seek some sense of adventure and thrill with your favorite Disney characters? How about making it double in the Tangled: Double Trouble game? Flynn and Rapunzel have to fulfill two separate missions to escape the guards and reunite at the end of the journey. Can you be the one who guides them along the way and helps them have their happy ending?

The forest is filled with guards. So are the village, the bars, and the castle. And as you recall, our dearest Flynn is on the run because he has stolen some precious objects. The guards are looking for him everywhere. And they have placed many posters all over the locations through which Flynn and Rapunzel have to go.

The game consists of more levels, which are alternating Flynn and Rapunzel as the main hero. Each stage has a target of flowers and posters that your characters need to reach. Your job is to catch them all while protecting your heroes from the guards. If a guard catches your hero, you will need to start the level again. Our favorite characters could really use some help to escape the evil patrol. So come along and tell us your strategy.

How to play the game

Beginning with Flynn, all you will need to do to help him is to use the Left and Right keys to make him run. To help him jump or to climb on the trees, use the Up key. The Down key will then be used to slide to the ground underneath you.

The most important thing is to beware of the evil guards. Make sure you do not let them catch you. Run away from them or climb up the trees. With all of those weapons, they will not be able to follow you, so use that to your advantage.

The bushes will also protect you from the guards. Hide behind them by pressing and holding the Spacebar to escape from the guards. The Spacebar might help you activate a new mechanism that will increase your chances of avoiding the guards. These will fall over their heads, making them dizzy, thus allowing you to run away.

There's more you should know!

Did we already mention the posters with Flynn's face on them, found all over the place? Collect all of them, so that the guards will not recognize you.

Unlike Flynn, Rapunzel will have to collect all of the flowers that she encounters on her way through the forest. Using the Spacebar, she will be able to use her hair to bounce from one floor to another.

The Spacebar will also come in handy when she cannot reach the flowers that are far away. Make her throw her hair against the flower to collect it.

So are you ready to begin your adventure? Do you have what it takes to fight the guards and accompany your characters towards a safe place? Then join us, and let's go!

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