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Try the Frozen Double Trouble game and join Kristoff and Anna on an epic journey! As you might already know, these two favorite characters have different personalities and skills. Anna is an intelligent yet naive princess. On the other hand, Kristoff is a rugged mountain man who can climb and jump his way through anything. What will happen when these two join their forces to find Elsa? Will they manage to help her come to terms with her magical powers? 

Do you want to join them on a thrilling journey? Only you can make sure that they each use their unique talents towards their final goal. What is more, you get to experience the amazing sites of the Frozen universe firsthand through their eyes! You might even see the first sparks of true love!

Make your way through these icy lands!

The game consists of six different levels that will take you through various parts of these magical, icy lands. The exciting part is that you will alternatively play with both Anna and Kristoff. 

However, the controls are the same for both of these characters, making the gameplay easy to grasp. Use the Left and Right arrows on your keyboard to move your character. Press the Up arrow to jump on a platform or climb up. By pressing the Down arrow, you can slide down or climb to the platform below. 

How are the two characters different then? To begin with, each one of them has to collect a specific item. Kristoff wants to get all the rope coils from a level, while Anna enjoys crocuses and wants to obtain them all! Your score gets higher the more of these items you manage to find. Check on how many are still hidden by glancing at the number at the top of the screen. 

Time is also of the essence during this dangerous quest. The faster you go through everything, the better your final result will be! Keep an eye on the timer to make sure you get on the high score list!

Watch out for the feral wolves!

Perhaps the main obstacles in your journey to get to Elsa are wolves. Feral, aggressive, and dangerous, they will surely devour you and make you start that section of the level again. The key to avoiding them is different depending on who you are playing!

Wolves can't climb, but Kristoff certainly can! Therefore, you should either use the arrows to climb up walls or make use of grappling points. To do so, press the space key! 

Anna is known to be incredibly witty but not particularly skilled at climbing. However, she is extremely cunning! Press the spacebar key to hide behind rocks or even your friend, Olaf! What is more, she has discovered a foolproof way of stunning the feral beasts. Press the space key to shake a tree just at the right moment! It will fall on your enemy and make them unable to move!

At the end of each level, you get the chance to visit the shop in Oaken. Here, you can check out different achievements throughout the game. Some even have funny names, such as Hang-On, A Frosty Friend, or Need a Lift. Completing them will make the game more challenging but also more satisfying!

Do you think you are brave enough to save the icy lands of Arendelle? The environment is indeed harsh and filled with dangerous creatures! However, with your good friends, Anna, and Kristoff by your side, there is nothing to be afraid of! Join in on the fun and excitement!

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