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Join the So Random cast and prepare for a new show together in the Sonny With a Chance: So Sketchy game! Sonny and the rest of her friends are in the prop room collecting items for their event. However, they need some help getting all the necessary props to the set. Will you lend your buddies a hand and bring all the objects down before the curtain falls?

It's time to start preparing for the big show! Your job is to help the cast get all the props before time is up. However, you mustn't let anyone get in your way, or it's curtains for you! Can you take all the items to the stage without running into any obstacles along the way?

How to play the game

Before you get going, you should understand the basics. Press the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow keys to move your player around the prop room. To distract your castmates, simply tap the Space bar to toss a script on the ground. That doesn't sound so difficult, right?

For your first move, you have to select your character. You can play as any of the five So Random members: Sonny, Tawni, Nico, Zora, or Grady. After making your choice, it's time to run around the prop room and bring all the necessary objects to the set. However, you can also collect food such as apples, bananas, or cheese for bonus points!

Your main job is to drop props all the way to the ground level before your timer runs out. When you touch an item, it will fall down one level. Keep in mind that you don't always have to use the stairs to go down! You can use the slide or pole to change levels even faster and without wasting time.

What else you should know

There are many obstacles around, so you must be very careful. Avoid running into any of your castmates, or you get the hook!

If you want to distract your buddies, you can leave scripts on the floor to keep them busy. However, you only get three takes before it's game over, so think before you act and try not to rush!

The show is about to begin, so you should start preparing! Sonny and the rest of her castmates need your help bringing all the props to the set. Will you be able to make it in time for the big event?

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