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How well do you know your favorite Disney movies? If you are ready to put your knowledge to the test, you have to give Disney's Magical Movie Scenes game a try! You surely are familiar with all the memorable characters, but your cartoon friends want to see what a big fan you are! Will you join Mickey Mouse and his buddies and look for all the missing details?

Today's mission consists of a classic game of spot the difference! However, the pictures are so lively and filled with details that finding the irregularities might be pretty challenging. Compare the two sides, look for any elements that stand out, and uncover every difference you can find. Focus your eyes and mind on the target, and you will finish the challenge in no time! 

How to play the game

You should start off by taking a good look at both drawings. To check for the differences, you have to use your mouse as a guide and drag it across each picture. When you've spotted a difference, you can simply Left-click on the area where you feel something is not right. If you are correct, it will be circled, and you can move on to the next target!

The mission contains scenes from some of your favorite Disney movies. From 101 Dalmatians to Cinderella or Bambi, your friends are ready to put your knowledge to the test. Just keep your eyes open, because comparing the two pictures is no easy job! The differences are hidden in plain sight, so you have to stay focused and check every corner. 

It's important not to click at random on the screen! You only have six lives, and you lose a chance for each wrong guess. Check every nook and cranny, and try to find irregularities in hidden spots as well. Do your best not to make too many mistakes, or you might have to restart the challenge from the beginning!

Remember that you are playing against the clock, so you should stay focused and aim to find all the differences within 60 seconds. Don't worry if you can't see all the differences before the end. You can replay the game as many times as you need, and your skills will keep improving!

Are you ready to show your friends how big of a Disney fan you are? If so, give this fun puzzle game a try and find all the differences!

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