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Have you ever heard of the famous city under the water? Well, all the stories about this magical place are now becoming more and more real in Atlantis the Lost Empire: Treasure Quest game.

All its beauty and secrets that were protected for such a long time at the bottom of the ocean might now be revealed by evil explorers that seek only wealth and fame. They do not care about the fragile balance that can be found there so help the people from Atlantis and protect the city. 

How to play the game

Hide all the golden tokens away from the eyes of those who are too curious and click on the little square under which you want to hide it. Hide them strategically so that they will be as difficult as possible to find.

There are fifteen coins in total, so there will be a little bit of thinking before you finish hiding them. After you are done with all of them, you will get five whirlpool traps to hide away among the treasures to make things a little bit more complicated.

Your enemy will get the same amount of tokens and traps to place on his board. Each time you happen to find a coin, you will be allowed to click three more times, and so will your opponent. If you are unlucky though, and you come across a whirlpool, then you will lose your turn instantly even though you might have some left.

Here is a tip: try to spread the treasure as much as possible and do that with the traps too. This way, I guarantee you that your enemy will not stand a chance in front of the ancient city of Atlantis and its defender.

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