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Help a party girl get to the carnival on time with the Maggie's Rainy Ride game! However, this party girl is exceptionally unusual: she is a lady fly with dreams of becoming a rockstar! Maggie Pesky from The Buzz series is known for her quirky personality and love for fun. However, this time she'll miss the big carnival unless you help her. Given that it's raining, she can't just fly to the event! In spite of that, this creative insect teenager plans to surf through the rainwater to the party venue. Lend her a helping hand and join in on this wild ride!

Surfing among flowers, leaves, and vines doesn't sound terribly exciting. However, appearances can be deceiving, especially when Maggie is involved! Hop on and lend her a helping hand if you want to go on an unexpected, yet thrilling journey!

Become the fastest fly on water!

The gameplay is incredibly simple. You can control Maggie and her unusual surfboard using just your keyboard! Press the up key to jump, down key to crouch, left arrow to speed up and right arrow to slow down. If you feel like you need an extra boost, press the space button. It will activate the Wing Boost bonus and help you jump higher than before. However, make sure to check if the progress bar for the option is full before jumping into the abyss!

Along your way, you will encounter many obstacles. Be careful, as bumping against them will diminish your overall health. You can check on this aspect by taking a look at the flower in the bottom left corner of the screen. The number in the middle shows you how many flowers you have left. What is more, you can see petals falling off every time you bump against something, so take care!

Luckily, there are many bonus items that you will encounter on your path. They will help you advance through the levels easier, and even earn a higher score at the end! Collect petals and flowers to increase your health. The pink stars will give you ten or fifty points, depending on their size. A helpful tip is to follow the trail of bonuses, as they will lead you to secret places!

Can you and Maggie earn the highest score?

There are many tricks that you can use to earn a higher score and brag in front of your friends, and even other The Buzz fans! One of them is to take advantage of trampoline-like leaves. Land on them at the right time, then jump again. Use the Wing Boost bonus at this exact time to reach hidden stars and rewards!

Another helpful idea is to look carefully at the water below. As the pace of the game is quite fast, you might have trouble locating dangerous objects in time and figuring out a way to avoid them. This could cost you valuable petals, or even send you back to the last checkpoint if you die! Therefore, keep an eye on the shadows in the water. They indicate an obstacle before you can even see it! However, keep in mind that dandelions don't leave a shadow at all!

Are you ready for an exciting surfing race? I bet you never thought flowers, leaves, and flies would make you feel thrilled and ready for more! Try to get the top score with your friends and find out just how impressive Maggie Pesky, the surfer fly, can be!

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