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Have you ever seen a cat that is crazy about diamonds? No? Then it is time to meet this special one in Marie's Jewel Journey game. Unfortunately, her love for sparkly things has led her into a trap, and now somebody has to help her escape.

This is not an easy job, so if you want to take up the challenge, then be ready to face traps and many other difficulties on the way. The main idea is to get rid of the diamonds that have the same color by clicking on them. But to make them disappear, there have to be more than three in a row; otherwise, nothing will happen, and the kitty will remain stuck up there.

How to play the game

There are many types of shiny diamonds, red, blue orange, but keep an eye out for those that are truly special, like the ones that have flashing arrows on them. They will make Marie walk along with them, and, this way, she will get closer to the gate that leads her home. There are also some icy ones that will make her glide away somewhere. Use all of them to your advantage, and you will surely take the kitty back home sound and safe.

There are also some nasty gems there if you can believe that. Who would have thought that some jewels might bring you a lot of trouble? Keep a distance from Edgar's Jewels, and they will do you no harm. Do not waste time trying to collect the metal ones, they cannot be taken from where they are, and they will make you only lose precious time.

At first, it might be a little bit hard to get things going, but as you play, you will surely figure it out. Use your brains to figure out which jewels should be collected first to manage to take them all in the end. This will provide you with some extra points.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Oh, did I mention that once you achieve a score of twenty thousand, you will receive straight away a bonus life? I think I might have forgotten. Anyway, everybody knows that cats have many lives, this is why you start the game with nine! This means that you have nine chances to get the cat across the place.

If you get stuck or run out of ideas, do not hesitate and press the restart button. Even though you will lose a life, the level will start again, and you will have the key to success.

Further on in the game, you will find other super fancy diamonds like the Prism ones, that can change their colors at random. Look closely, and you will find clear diamonds which are hiding away from plain sight. By the way, the bigger the chain of jewels, the better.

Collect as many of them at once for higher scores. Do not forget not to waste too much time thinking, because Marie has a limited time to get home; otherwise, she will surely be grounded for being late.

Have lots of fun playing with this one!

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