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How well do you understand the basics of checkers? If you're confident in your skills, you should give the Checkers of Alice in Wonderland game a try! Think of a strategy and play against Alice's magical friends. Will you be able to win this challenge?

In this classic board game, it's important to stay focused and watch your opponent's moves! Move your pawns wisely, and remove all the opposing pieces from the board. If you can prevent the other side from making a move, the round is yours! Are you ready to begin?

How to play the game

It's time to put your mind to the challenge! Use your mouse to click on a piece, then tap on a box to jump diagonally towards your opponent. If you get too close, you might lose your checkers. Think about each move thoroughly, then tap on the highlighted spaces to jump!

This is a turn-based thinking and strategy game, and each player can move one piece at a time. Once you encounter a checker, it can be captured by jumping over it. To do this, however, the box you will reach after the move needs to be free! Just keep in mind that the pawns can hop on the board only diagonally and in one direction towards the opponent's pieces.

Remember that you can get lucky if you have a good strategy! If the pawns on the other side are aligned diagonally, you can capture multiple ones in the same move. Once you see this, place your piece before them, and watch your opponents' checkers go! The winner will be the one who manages to take all of the adversary's chips!

For the first stage, your opponent will be the White Rabbit. Beat him to move on towards Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, then play with the Curious Oysters. Will you be able to make your way through Wonderland? 

What else you should know

Just like in chess, it's important to keep as many chips as possible on the board. To do so, you have to think through each move you make and play it safe. If you're too focused on attacking your opponent, your pieces can get taken away easily! 

If you can reach the last row of the opposite side, the advantage will be yours. However, if you let your friend get too close to your part of the board, you will be in danger! Look for open spaces diagonally, then slowly progress until you reach your target. You will surely win the game in no time!

Well, are you ready to give this challenge a go? Put your skills to the test and play against your magical opponents! Will you be able to progress to the final stage?

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