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Whether you are a chemist or a witch, mixing things always come with a sense of danger. Just one drop of the wrong element and everything will get nasty in no time. That is why Yzma needs a little bit of help from you in Potion Motion game! She really wants to have a sit on Kuzco's throne, but as long as he is around, that would not be possible.

This is the reason why she intends to make a potion that will take out the prince for a while so she could have a little fun around the kingdom. What you have to do is to guide each potion toward its appropriate bottle at the bottom of the screen. If it seems too easy for you do not worry too much because the liquid's way is very twisted and messed up.

How to play the game

Open up or close the nozzles to let the mixtures flow, or click on the tubes to make it go wherever you want it to go. Just keep in mind where it has to get in the end. Well, at least it is not like real chemistry or wizardry where you can be sure that any wrong move will result in you having some horrible injuries or burns.

Try not to lose precious time because Yzma is not the one you can fool around. She has left a clock for you to see how much more time you have to manage the potions. Right next to it are the bottles you have to fill, each one having a colored label that indicates what it has to contain. 

Because Yzma's laboratory is so large, you cannot see it whole at once, and depending on what part of it you want to look at, click on the buttons on the right where it writes Upper, Middle or Lower. At first, it might become a little bit annoying, but I assure you that you will get used to it very fast.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Here's a tip: if you find it very difficult to guide a potion sometime, follow the pipes from the bottom to the top! That's how you will find the way in a blink of an eye without messing around with the other bottles or nozzles.

When you feel like you have mixed up everything and nothing can be repaired anymore, take a deep breath, and look for the Quit button. Apart from quitting, which I do not think is necessary because of how awesome this game is, you can reset the level whenever you want to.

Unlike any other real-life chemistry thing where once you screw things up, you cannot clean up all the mess that you have made so quickly. So take all these advantages that this game provides and prepare yourself to be a remarkably good chemist without the hazards of the day to day chemical solutions that can easily make a hole through the table if not supervised with great care.

Pass through all the levels, combine potions, and have lots of fun!

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