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Here we have our favorite singers leaving out their careers as pop stars and getting some sport done in Jonas L.A.: Field Day Fun game. Here they will have to prove that they are great sportsmen not only musicians. 

To do that they have to go through three challenges. For each one, you will have to choose one of the Jonas Brothers and guide him until the end.

How to play the game

The first challenge is called  Downhill Turf Surfing, and here you will use your mouse to go down the hill with as little damage as possible. On your way, collect all the coins, the guitars, and the extra power-ups to go even smoother towards the finish line. Avoid the nasty things such as puddles of mud and the ramps that are facing the wrong way so that you won't get dragged away from your course.

The next event is called The Wall, and as you may have already guessed, it is all about climbing. Choose another character for this event and jump into the game. Now things get more challenging to hold on tight. Hereabouts you have to escalate from one rock to the other, as high as possible without, of course, falling.

Does it sound too easy for you? Well, you will be glad to find out that in fact, you cannot use any climbing rock you can grab. Some of them have some very annoying pigeons on them that won't get off for anything in this word while others have smelly socks on them so if I were you I wouldn't even get close to those.

If you happen though to grab one of them, you will immediately drop. Oh, and if you want to grab a lower stone, just press space and you'll fall a bit to the lower one.

Pass all the challenges!

The next and also the last challenge is called Sprinkles and Hurdles. Quite a funny name for something that includes sports and running. What you have to do here is simple. Run until you get to the finish and avoid the sprinkles or the incoming drums. To do that you may either press the space-bar to jump over them or switch between lanes using your up and down arrows. Far easier than any sports contest that I have taken part in.

Once you finish all the three competitions, you will get to the next level where everything will get a little bit more complicated. For each one, you will have to pass the same three challenges, but there is also a twist. Did you expect it to be that simple? There will be more obstacles to avoid, and the time you have will get shorter. But do not worry, you already have experience in it, right? And also, there are the Jonas Brothers to encourage you.

After each challenge, you will even get a graph that tells you how well you are going through this level. Thus you can see your real progress.

Now come on and let us have a great deal of fun while playing those awesome sporty games with the Jonas and do not forget to wear your helmet!

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