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Welcome to a new adventure in our amazing Camp Rock. In Camp Rock: Total Jam game, you will once again get the chance to become a fantastic rock star. All you need is determination, a little bit of support from your friends, and the most important ingredient: talent. So get yourself a brand new microphone and start jamming with your favorite characters. 

There are so many things that you should take care off, while on the camp. And you need to fulfill all of the missions before you get to the final jam. There are six challenges for you to get through with the grace of a real rock star. And you must help your favorite characters achieve their hopes and dreams. Do you have what it takes? Show your talent to the world and begin the journey!

Explore the Camp Rock adventures!

The first adventure that awaits you will be Mitchie’s tiptoe trail. Help Mitchie sneak back to her mom in the kitchen. Drag her around the corridors. Make sure you stay on the walkways. Also, do not step on the dark boards, because they will make awful sounds that will wake the entire camp up. And another important thing would be to beware of the doors. If somebody sees you, you will lose precious time. 

The second one would be Shane’s superstar steps. Try to learn and perform Shane’s hip hop routine perfectly. Watch him dance and copy the exact same moves. The color around him will indicate the type of movement that he is doing. Click on the respective move and show him what you are made of. The better you do, the faster you will need to react. Watch out for the time, though. Because it is quite limited. 

Now let’s help Caitlyn melt the marshmallows for her fantastic beach party. Roast as many as you can by simply clicking on them when they are ready. Make sure you do not click on them too soon or leave them longer than needed. Also, try to move the fan to cook your marshmallows faster. 

Complete all the challenges!

Learn the perfect beats in the ‘Rock it. Drum kit’ part of the challenge. At tonight’s Camp Rock talent show, your favorite characters need a genuinely amazing drummer to rock those drums. All you need to do is to keep up with the rhythm of the groove. Just follow the beat and click on the parts of the drum that appear green. Be careful and make no mistakes. 

The two main characters of the Camp Rock are writing some songs out on the lake in the Mitchie and Shane’s splash dash. But they really need your help, because they can not find the right tune. Try to collect the musical notes while moving the canoe with the mouse through the water. Be careful not to bump into the cones, because this will decrease your available time. 

And last, but not least: Mitchie’s big night, that she’s been planning for all this time. Can you be the most fantastic choreographer and help her prepare the performance on stage? All you have to do is to follow the instructions. Look closely and recreate the shapes of the moves. And click on the stars when they appear. 

Now that you know everything there is to know, you are ready to begin your adventure. What do you say? Does it sound appealing?

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