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Have you ever wondered how is it in the world of magic, where fairies and flying boys live, and you can find shiny treasures anywhere you look? Well, in Peter Pan: Neverland Treasure Hunt game, you can find out all these things and even more.

It takes only a little bit of courage and fairy dust to travel to Neverland with Peter Pan. The hero has hidden 208 pieces of Hook’s treasure around Neverland, and you have to find them.

The lost boys will work for Peter Pan, and they will try to collect the treasure but Hook’s friend, Smee, will try to put his hands on the wealth too. You decide who will receive the most treasure before the time runs out.

How to play the game

To move around Neverland, you need to use the left and right arrow keys from your keyboard and the space-bar to jump or to leap over different objects. Collect the coins, the red, yellow and blue diamonds, the blue and purple heart diamonds and the squire diamonds to complete the treasure. If you pick Peter Pan’s hat, you will boost your speed, and Tinker Bell’s pixie dust will make you jump higher.

You have to be careful because some moving or rolling objects will make you lose a life if they hit you. Watch out also for the floors that break apart or move. Jump over the pirates to avoid them.

You need to clear the levels quickly to receive more points at the end. You only have five lives per level, and if you lose them, you need to start the level all over again. If you find a hidden candle in the levels, collect it because the candles give you extra lives.

Before you start the game, you get to choose what team you want to play in. If you’re going to play in Hook’s team pick Smee, and if you’re going to be a part of Peter Pan’s team, pick the lost boy. 

Good luck at finding the treasure before anyone else!

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