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Have you wondered what all the bad guys do in their free time? Well, they play cards together. Come and join them in Disney's Villains Lucky 13 game as one of the infamous villains that at some point wanted to take down your favorite heroes but have now settled down.

I promise you that they won't try to do you any harm, their careers have ended once and for all. All the game is about is putting cards on the table, so that all the numbers from them summed up together will be thirteen; therefore you will also have to train your basic maths a little bit. 
Do not be superstitious though about the number part, because this time only it will surely be your lucky number.

How to play the game

First, choose your antihero! Be it Cruella, Hook or Maleficent it doesn't matter, they are all the same as far as their game skills are concerned so you won't be any different. After that, select the level of difficulty which you prefer. It can be either Easy or Hard, depending on how reckless you feel at the time.

When you get to the cards, you will see that each one has a number on it, and a character that is taking part in the game. When your turn will come, click on the one that will fit best after doing the maths with the ones that are already down. If you happen to be the one that puts the card and then the sum becomes thirteen, congratulations, you will get points for that! But if you do not have anything that will make the amount fit within the limit, then you will, unfortunately, lose some points.

Take great care not to use a card with your chosen character when you are going to fail because you will drag some extra punish points with you. The good part is that if you have done your math right and you put down the final card that has your face on it, it will gain you some extra points. 

What else you should know

In the deck, there are some special cards too. Six of them are called Reverse, and once one of them gets thrown down, it will reverse the order of the players. The other special ones are called Spooky. They allow you to choose any number from one to six, making it a piece of cake to win a round. But use them carefully because there are only two such cards in the whole deck and once used they will not come back again.

The one who gains the most points will be the winner of the game in the end, but do not worry if you did not get it from the first time because there is always a second and a third place. Get a grip on how to play and show all the rascals what it means to have a  good hand and some brains! Mabe this way they will think twice before going and attacking some innocent royalty or animals.

Good luck!

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