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Everybody loves a warm and lovely summer day. Even the most beloved snowman, Olaf, although he can not stand in the sun, because it will melt him. In the Olaf’s Summer Sticker Spree game, you can help him create the summer adventure of his dreams, without putting him in danger.

The snowmen deserve a lovely summer day, too. And now they can enjoy one fully, without getting harmed. It might sound peculiar, but it is quite possible. So create the perfect environment for a special day in the sun with Olaf, and join him in that amazing adventure. Do not forget to invite your friends too. It must be a party, after all. 

Let’s relax together by the beach. Get yourself a nice tan line and drink some cocktails. Or maybe you would enjoy a walk in the mountainside better? Whatever you decide to do, I am sure that Olaf will be thrilled. Make your favorite character happy right now. Let’s see how you can do this.

Design Olaf’s summer day

Yes, you have read it correctly. You can now design the perfect summer day that Olaf will fully enjoy. Use your imagination, think about what you love to do during the summertime, and just start creating.

First of all, make sure you have the ideal background. As we already described, you have the option to travel wherever you want.

Get a tan by the beach, take Olaf for a barbeque in the middle of nature, or even go to the mountainside for a little while. Everything is up to your imagination. And everything you choose will make Olaf happy. We are sure of it.

Once you’ve chosen the background, decide on a pose. How would you want Olaf to sit? Fully rested on his back? Or maybe you would want him to run around in the sun. Decide on the perfect pose and just join him in his adventure.

Also, make sure you choose the perfect outfit for Olaf. This is why you will need some extra items. From sunglasses to a hat and even an umbrella, to keep our lovely character protected.

Now that everything is done make sure you print the design that you have created and send it to your friends. Invite them in this incredible adventure, too. They will undoubtedly love it as much as you do. After all, some games are worth melting for, right?

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