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The Frozen Rush game gives you the chance to join your favorite characters and help them save the kingdom of Arendelle! As you very well know, this wondrous kingdom has many mysterious magical elements. Sadly, these powerful forces can be easily disturbed...and the faith of the entire world depends on it! Grand Pabbie has noticed that the enchanted crystals of Arendelle have lost their beautiful glow. As a consequence, the Northern Lights are changing! The brave Anna, sturdy Kristoff, sweet Olaf, and mighty Elsa are the heroes who will save the kingdom by finding new crystals. However, they could never do it on their own! Are you down to offer them a helping hand?

Your mission is to run through various parts of the icy lands and grab hold of as many crystals as you can! This perilous journey will allow you to experience many breathtaking sceneries from exciting places, such as Arendelle, Oaken, and Troll's Valley! The twelve different levels will allow you to experience the magical universe of Frozen fully. What is more, you get to know your favorite heroes even better and help them on a brand new mission!

A thrilling adventure awaits!

The gameplay is straightforward and easy to grasp. Your character will run through snowy forests and city streets all by itself. All you need to do is to make sure they avoid all obstacles. Oh, and make sure you collect as many bonuses as you can on the way! To do so, just jump over them by clicking your mouse!

However, things are a little bit more complicated. Throughout the game, you will get the chance to play four different characters. Each one of them has a unique ability that you can use to collect the precious magic crystals! For example, Anna can double jump, Else has her magical powers, Olaf can tumble his way throughout anything, and Kristoff has a mighty ax that he isn't afraid to use. 

What is more, they will help you go through levels much easier and unlock new areas! You can unlock different characters as you advance through the stages of the game. Luckily, once you have unlocked a certain hero, you can use him in any of the previous levels! Pretty neat, right!

Watch out for bonuses and upgrades!

Throughout your rush through the Frozen universe, you will come across various items that will help along your journey. Collect the snowflakes to increase your score and buy upgrades in the in-game store. 

Additionally, you can earn some extra points by fulfilling the goals at the beginning of each level. It might make your mission a bit more challenging, but it will undoubtedly help you make your characters stronger and faster!

Friendship is essential in the world of Disney, and this game reflects that fully! The trolls will guide you towards crystals. What is more, their magic will make you invincible for a while if you run through it. Sven, the friendly reindeer, will let you ride him, and  Marshmallow, the ice monster, will protect you from an avalanche!

This magical heroic journey sounds perilous, indeed. It will take you a lot of skills and agility to successfully get through all the levels and complete the story! However, you will surely feel a rush of excitement as the whole faith of Arendelle, and the balance of magic depends on you! Do you think you can help your favorite characters and save the day?

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